Experience and Intention

Denise Sims, LMT

Massage Therapy

Susan Johnson

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My recent massage explorations have included learning techniques wherein I use my clean, smooth, soft, strong feet to work larger muscle groups of the body!  It's great, I feel like I still need a lot more practice with it.

For thousand of years, humanity has been in balance, and performed ritual, ceremony, dance, communions, and healing.  That's what I value in my life, solitary or with strangers who quickly become friends!!!

Get to Know Us

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I describe myself as having intuitive, sensitive, psychic disorder, and consider that all the other paths *failed me* and led me to seeking out a god, that I'm sure isn't paying any attention to me.  

What to do?  Live as if some divine eyes can see me?  Love as if some divine heart can know me?  Create as if for a divine lover?  Yes, yes yes...PLAY and remember your inner child!!!

I started practicing massage therapy in 1999, after a few life events led me to seek a more spiritual life.  I studied touch, yoga, herbalism, hypnotherapy and subscribe to the idea of the Wounded Healer, always seeking to fill the void in oneself, if I can help others, that can relive me from wallowing in my own narcissistic suffering.