Denise Sims, LMT

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The First Sutra of Patanjali is


This is our invitation to take up the practice of yoga, Now.




There are many types of yoga.  Chanting with devotion, sitting in meditation, breathing with concentration, serving others, and postures to bring the body into balance.

Yoga is an ancient science of life (5000 years old).  The essence lies in unification of the mind (manas) and body (asana).  If you seek balance, health, and spiritual is here for you.  Self-confidence and strength, emotional intelligence, breath, awareness, flexibility, and much patience has also come because of my devotion to the practice of yoga.  

I am a representative of the present moment.  This present moment beckoning us all to BE more like Nature. I want to share my journey with you, inspire, and guide you,  I offer myself in devotion ever effecting to shine as a light-hearted child while sharing wisdoms of the ages.