~Human Touch at Now Yoga 

Denise Sims, LMT

Copyright 2013. Denise Sims. All Rights Reserved.

The First Sutra of Patanjali is ATTA YOGANUSHASANAM

This is our invitation to take up the practice of yoga, Now.


Variety is the spice of life!  My Holy Guardian Angel, has guided me to invest Big Time in experimenting and experiencing Healing Modalities.  Yoga, Herbalism, Touch, Movement, Chanting (aka Music) & Meditation.  

Yoga is an ancient science of life (5000 years old).  The essence is in it's unification of the breath and body, it brings many benefits; stillness, confidence, comfort, strength, balance, peace & healing.  It can be relaxing or energizing.  There are different types.  

I am here to SERVE

My current intention is to build community.  I demonstrate  yoga and movement as a way to advertise that I am here, I am ready.