Massage Therapy


Denise Sims, LMT

Experience.  I have massaged thousands.  I always try to learn, as each of us is unique.   

Human Touch.  We need it.  It soothes our system, from relaxation to pain/stress relief.  I embody my truth, as a healer, in Deep Listening.  My 1st goal is to tune to your bodies rhythm.  

Movement. Alignment. Energy Healing

Experience and Intention

What are the sums of my Experience?
What do I want now?
Do I have *new* INTENTIONS?

Susan Johnson

My recent massage explorations have included learning techniques wherein I use my clean, smooth, soft, and strong feet to work larger muscle groups of the body!  Arches allow for the curves of clients' bodies, really there are so many benefits.  

For thousand of years, humanity has been in balance, and performed ritual, ceremony, dance, communions, and healing.  These ancient ways constantly call me back into seeking of the Soul.  How can I help you explore?

Alex Ortega

Jane Stockton