Foot-Based Modalities:  can deliver more pressure and be slow, long, quiet sessions, just listening and waiting for the body tissues to respond.  Two different methods.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: over 10 years studying and learning the Lunar Mayan Calendar.  I love reading peoples signs, and wondering how their lives are guided by this energy.  


each human body is formed from different experiences, emotions, exercises and foods.

Let's customize your experience of the release form the worldly cares, so you go back to feeling happy, nourished and refreshed.

Lomi Lomi:  ALOHA.  This hawaiian healing is a full body treat with long, fluid strokes and repetitive deep pressure that encourages tissues to open, breathe, and relax.



Rock & Roll: rhythmic feeling of the natural motion of the body.  There is a lot of results to Human Touch-you can even keep your clothes on.  guarde su ropa en.

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Denise Sims, LMT